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Bodega Cats of New York | EST. 2020.

Hey all! I'm Dan Rimada. I, and a few artistic friends, started Bodega Cats Of New York in 2020. It all began when my beloved local bodega cat (Harry) died. Heartbroken, I created artwork to commemorate him and presented it to the owner who loved it and hung it up. Soon, other store owners wanted me to do the same for their resident cats and Bodega Cats Of New York was born.

For the past year, we've spent most of our days walking around the city, visiting bodegas, and learning about their cats. Everywhere we went, we were surprised by how much shopkeepers embraced their cats, taking care of them and loving them as part of their families.

We've had the pleasure of meeting many cats and documenting them in the artwork. All of them are special, but each cat has its own unique set of personalities and quirks. From Ginger in the Upper West Side, who loves to lay in a ray of sunlight, to Thelma in Midtown who's always up for a game of tag, all of the bodega cats have stories worth telling.

Also, since we started this project, more people have come to appreciate and love bodega cats. They've become more than just mascots; they've become symbols of resilience and urban community. We're truly honored to be able to tell their stories.

Every bodega cat that I've met has inspired me to keep going and has made me a better person. And I hope that my artwork will tell their stories for years to come and that the bodega cats of the city will remain an integral part of the urban ecosystem.

We use a combination of A.I. art programs like Midjourney, Canva, Photoshop, Etsy, Fotor, and our own artistic skill to produce the artwork we make.