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Tiger The Bodgets Cat's New Line: More Than Just Merchandise, A Mission for Bodega Cat Care
December 15, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Daniel Mulé
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Tiger, a Scottish Fold with a penchant for treats and a heart of gold, is now the star of an exclusive merchandise line. But this isn't just about creating trendy hoodies and art prints. This collaboration between Metro Organic and Bodega Cats of New York (BCNY) is a heartfelt tribute to the furry sentinels of New York's bodegas and a call to action for their better care.

A Tribute in Threads and Canvas: The Tiger Collection

Launching this December, the Tiger collection includes an array of hoodies, tote bags, and art prints. Each piece is more than a fashion statement; it's a canvas telling the story of Tiger's laid-back demeanor and the joy he spreads in the community. This collection is a reminder of the gentle companionship these bodega cats offer amidst the city's chaos.

The Partnership: A Shared Vision for Change

This initiative began when Dan of BCNY noticed Tiger's unique personality. Teaming up with Chiku, Tiger's caretaker and Metro Organic's owner, they envisioned something bigger. "Our collaboration goes beyond aesthetics. It's about recognizing the integral role bodega cats like Tiger play in our community," explains Dan.

Tiger: More Than a Mascot

Tiger isn't just a cat; he's a symbol of care and community. With his own little bedroom above the bodega, he has become a local celebrity. Chiku notes, "Tiger has a way of making everyone's day a little brighter. He reminds us to cherish the simple pleasures of life."

A Mission with Every Merchandise

This line is more than just commercial; it's a campaign. Dan and Chiku aim to spark conversations about the welfare of bodega cats and inspire a higher standard of care. "We hope this merchandise not only celebrates Tiger but also encourages a deeper appreciation and better treatment of all bodega cats," adds Dan.

Where to Find the Collection

The merchandise will be available at Metro Organic and on BCNY's Etsy page. This line isn't just the start of a fashion trend; it's the beginning of a movement for the well-being of New York's beloved bodega cats.

Join the Movement

To learn more and join the cause, visit Stay updated and get a sneak peek at the collection by following @BodegaCatsOfNewYork and @TigerTheBodegaCat on Instagram.

Get in Touch

For further details, contact Dan Rimada at Dive into the world of New York's charming bodega cats and be part of a change that celebrates and cares for these urban treasures.